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The PREMIUM and INTRANET editions of the plugin allow WordPress administrators to synchronize users from Office 365 / Azure AD to WordPress. Synchronization of users can be triggered in one of two ways:

  • Manually
  • Scheduled

To synchronize users, the plugin will connect to Microsoft Graph (using a query that can be adapted to your specific needs) to retrieve a list of all Office 365 / Azure AD users. It will then perform a comparison between users found in Office 365 Azure AD and WordPress.

For further technical details please refer to the Configuration documentation

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    1. Hi Tas

      Currently it can only be ran manually, also because it uses delegated permissions (instead of application permissions) i.e. the synchronization job needs you to be logged on interactively.

      Best wishes

  1. Hi Marco,

    I don’t seem to be able to get the sync to work. But interestingly, if I signin with an Office 365 user it will create an account. Any help you can offer?

    Also, is there a way to get the plugin to bring across the firstname and lastname fields on a user profile? They seem to remain blank.

    1. Hi Daniel – No, the user is create “silently” and no email is sent. I’ll take this in consideration for a future release, however – thanks!

  2. HI,
    We are having trouble with the User synchronisation. It is similar to the Tas Gray issue above. Users are created if they log in using their email address, but the user sync does not work.
    I have followed your setup video about 4 times now to make sure I have not missed anything, but we still seem to have the issue.
    Any assistance appreciated.

    1. Hi Jai. Most likely it is a permission issue. If you are sure that 1. you actived the User Synchronization feature, 2. you’ve assigned the correct permissions e.g. User.Read.All (make sure you didn’t assign application permissions by mistake), 3. granted permissions as an administrator and 4. finally created an application secret and added the key to the Integration tab of the Wizard, then you may want to delete all tokens (use the button on the Integration tab of the Wizard), log out of WordPress alltogether and sign back in using Microsoft to make sure that you get a set of fresh tokens. Please let me know if this helped you overcome this hurdle – Otherwise, feel free contact me directly through the contact form.

  3. Hi,

    When a user info has been updated or a new user have been added in Office 365 Azure AD, will it sync to WordPress automatically? Or do the WP Administrator every time need to update manually (which will be quite difficult if there´s a lot of updates on regular basis).

    If there´s no auto syncing currently, will there be? Possible to use a cron job or something.

    1. Hi Tomas. Initially permissions to access Microsoft Graph (used to sync users) were configured as “delegated” permissions. This meant that a logged-in user is required to access Microsoft Graph. In the meantime the plugin also supports “application” permissions, but User sync has not yet been implemented in an asynchronous way. Therefore you’ll still need to start it manually. This may change, however, in the course of this year.

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