WordPress Multisite


WPO365 is fully compatibel with WordPress Multisite. It supports multiple scenarios that either allow users to access the various subsites or deny access initially and force a user to authenticate before switching context.

Supported features

Shared mode

By default, WPO365 supports WordPress Multisite in so-called shared mode. If a user tries to access (the backend of) any subsite, he / she is redirected to Microsoft to authenticate. As soon as the user authenticates successfully, he / she will always be redirected back to the main site. WPO365 then signs in the user in the context of the main site, before it redirects the user back to the URL he / she intended to go, for example, a (backend of a) subsite. When the user eventually arrives at the (backend of the) subsite, WPO365 adds the user to the subsite’s user list.

Please note that administrators can choose between WPO365’s Internet and Intranet scenario. If the intranet scenario has been enabled, users are required to sign in, before they can view any post or page of the (sub) site. Visit the online documentation for details.

Dedicated mode

Administrators can change the behavior of WPO365 for WordPress Multisite and enable the so-called dedicated mode. If this mode is enabled, each subsites behaves similar to a single WordPress website and must be configured separately. This allows for isolated scenarios and administrators can, for example, configure the subsite to be accessible for different Azure AD groups.

To save some time when configuring each subsite individually, administrators can define a “template” for the configuration at the level of the network administration. Each unconfigured subsite will then take its initial configuration from this template. However, at the very least, the Redirect URL needs to updated (and added to the App registration’s list of supported Redirect URIs).

Plugins with these features

WordPress Multisite’s two scenarios are supported by WPO365 | LOGIN that is available at no cost.

Some configuration options, such as the default role of new users of a subsite and whether or not to automatically add users to subsites in shared mode, require the LOGIN+ extension.



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