Send WordPress emails from any (Shared) Microsoft 365 Mailbox using Microsoft Graph instead of SMTP, and configure the plugin with various options such as enabling Auto-Retry Mode, activating the Mail Audit Log, sending emails as HTML, saving copies in the Sent Items folder, or sending (large) attachments.


Role-Based Access Control, as defined by WPO365, allows for dynamic assignment of WordPress roles and the ability to restrict or grant access to your site or specific pages based on Entra (AAD) Groups, Entra (AAD) User Attributes, or App Roles. Furthermore, WPO365 has the capability to automatically enroll users in LearnDash courses.


Update a user’s First, Last and Full Name details plus Email whenever a user signs in with Microsoft.¬†


Maximize your Microsoft 365 investment by embedding content from services like SharePoint Online, Power BI, Outlook/Exchange Calendar and Viva Engage (Yammer). Or enable your users to search and navigate an Entra ID (AAD) based organizational chart.


Connect with Entra Application Provisioning using the WPO365 built in SCIM compatible interface and start receiving incremental updates or instructions to (soft) deletion concerning assigned users and their attributes.


The advanced login options such as updating a WP user’s name and email details, support for multiple IdPs, enforce SSO, default landing page, custom login URL, B2C experience, new user email provided by this plugin will boost your project!.

100% 14 Days No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Thank you for your interest in WPO365! If you find within the next 14 days that WPO365 doesn't meet your needs, I happily and unconditionally refund 100% of your money.

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