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18th Nov. 2022 I love to hear from you, what I should do next. Since the very first release of the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin I have tried to listen to you and understand your requirements. Now I want to take this to the next level and give you – my customer – a voice.

So don’t hesitate, navigate to and share your idea or vote for ideas of others!

Mail Integration 365 Plugin: Support ending notice

15th Nov. 2022 Early November 2022, ownership of the Mail Integration for Office 365 / Outlook plugin transferred to WPO365. We are committed to provide (best-effort based) support for this plugin until the end of 2023.

To ensure, however, that we are able to provide you with long time support, we urge you to download and install the WPO365 | MICROSOFT GRAPH MAILER plugin for WordPress instead (and de-activate the Mail Integration for Office 365 / Outlook plugin and remove it from your WordPress website).

If you have already installed and configured the Mail Integration for Office 365 / Outlook plugin, then please make sure to check out our easy-to-understand online migration guide.

New (premium) mail features: Support for large attachments and shared mailboxes

19th Oct. 2022 WPO365 | MAIL version 20 makes is possible to send WordPress with attachments larger than 3 MB using Microsoft Graph. It also enables support to send WordPress emails from a Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox.

WPO365 | MAIL is the premium extension that enhances WPO365’s ability to send WordPress emails using Microsoft Graph (instead of SMTP). It can be installed in combination with the free plugins WPO365 | MICROSOFT GRAPH MAILER (a stand-alone mail-send function for WordPress) and WPO365 | LOGIN (a comprehensive solution to connect WordPress and Azure AD / Microsoft 365 services).

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Secured by Azure AD: New Auth.-only scenarios

1st Dec. 2021 WPO365 version 16 introduces 2 new premium auth.-only scenarios that allow administrators to configure their WordPress website so that visitors are required to sign in with Microsoft but are not automatically signed in as WordPress users.

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WPO365 Audiences

1st Dec. 2021 WPO365 version 16 introduces Audiences and makes it very easy to restrict access to individual WordPress posts and pages and only make those available to users who signed in to WordPress and belong to of specific Azure AD groups.

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WPO365’s User synchronization V2

23rd Sept. 2021 Synchronizing users from Azure Active Directory to WordPress was one of the first features supported by a premium version of WPO365 back in 2018. 3 Years later it was time to modernize the user experience for administrators who needed to configure user synchronization. It was also time to make it more transparent and easier to test queries and analyze the result of a user synchronization job. It was also time to add support for hooking user synchronization up with external task schedulers. It was also time to make the progress of user synchronization visible.

Version 15 of WPO365 (SYNC and INTRANET) gives you a whole new user synchronization experience: WPO365’s Azure Active Directory User synchronization V2. I recommend that you have a look at the feature documentation and the teaser video (embedded in the feature documentation).

When you’re ready to start synchronizing users with WPO365’s Azure Active Directory User synchronization V2 then you’ll find a detailed guide and corresponding video in the updated knowledge base article

Azure AD B2B user flow for Google users for WordPress

The WPO365 | LOGIN plugin can help you to connect your WordPress website with users outside of your organization using Azure AD B2B or Azure AD B2C.

In the latest knowledge base article you will find a comprehensive guide on how to configure a simple Azure AD B2B based self-service sign-in and sign-up user flow for Google users that you want to allow access to your WordPress website using the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin.

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Sign in with Azure Active Directory B2C for WordPress is here

5th July 2021 v14.0 of the WPO365 plugins and extensions that has been released today includes built-in support for Azure AD B2C.

Azure Active Directory B2C provides business-to-customer identity as a service. Your customers use their preferred social, enterprise, or local account identities to get single sign-on access to your applications and APIs. See for details.

Support for Azure AD B2C is a premium feature that is included in the WPO365 | LOGIN+ extension and both bundles WPO365 | SYNC and WPO365 | INTRANET.

WordPress Gutenberg Block for Microsoft 365

24th May 2021 Today’s latest version of the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin for seamless integration of WordPress and Microsoft 365 includes a first Gutenberg Block for displaying content from a SharePoint Online or OneDrive library. This is exciting news because of many reasons!

  • The Gutenberg Block allows page authors to integrate the block directly into the page instead of creating a shortcode in the backend.
  • The page author can test the configuration when the block is selected and the page is in edit-mode.

A new premium extension WPO365 | DOCUMENTS is also available that can be configured to grant access for anonymous users (using the Azure AD preview permission for Sites.Selected) and to retrieve custom SharePoint list item fields.

Please note that the premium edition of the Gutenberg is also included in the WPO365 | INTRANET bundle.

Exciting news for developers

24th May 2021 I am excited to announce a new RESTful API for Microsoft Graph that is now integrated in latest version of the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin that is available at no cost.

The WPO365 RESTful API for Microsoft Graph is good news for developers.

  • As a developer you can now build client-side Microsoft 365 apps for WordPress.
  • Even better, you can do so in your favorite programming language.
  • And last but not least, you can do so without the hassle and complexity of implementing authentication and authorization because the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin takes care of all of that.

Start building today!

Announcing the Webinars Series for 2021

11th February 2021 Let’s get interactive and learn and discuss the do’s and don’ts when connecting your WordPress website with the Microsoft 365 / Azure AD cloud in a series of webinars.

Join the new Webinar Series for 2021

Important upgrade notice for extensions / bundles

30th December 2020 With the introduction of the 12th major version of the WPO36 | LOGIN plugin, many new plugin extensions have been introduced. For that reason, license administration needed to be updated as well. 

Licenses are now administered on a separate configuration page. The new License (administration) page can be accessed via WP Admin > WPO365 > Licenses – a sub menu below the WPO365 Admin menu. Existing licenses must be re-entered for the automatic update function to work correctly. Customers who do not re-activate their license may not see the Update now link or if they update will receive a Download package not available error.


30th December 2020 The available documentation on this website is has mostly been transferred to the new documentation service at