Single Sign-on

  • Sign in with Microsoft and OpenID Connect for WordPress *
  • Alternatively configure support for SAML 2.0 *
  • New Azure AD users are registered automatically *
  • Leaves WordPress’ own login capability intact *
  • Support for Azure AD Multifactor Authentication *
  • Customize the login button *

* Included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN

Single Sign-on with Microsoft for WordPress
Basic profile from Azure AD / Microsoft-Graph for WordPress

User Profile

Update a user’s WordPress profile with the following Azure AD user attributes

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Display name
  • E-Mail address

Misc. Login Options

  • Support for Azure AD B2C
  • Support for Azure AD B2B
  • Enable SSO for the login page
  • Allow users from other tenants to sign in (Multi Tenancy)
  • Require login for selected pages (Private Pages)
  • Intercept manual login attempts
  • Let users decide how they sign in (Dual Login)
  • Single Sign-out for Microsoft 365 services
  • Customize the loading template
  • Prevent users from changing their email and login
Azure AB B2C for WordPress
Sending WordPress Email using Microsoft Graph


  • Sending WordPress emails using Microsoft Graph *
  • Send email formatted as HTML* 
  • Save in Sent Items folder*
  • Send as / On behalf of / From a Shared Mailbox
  • Send attachments > 3 GB
  • Audit / Resend emails
  • Mail Staging Mode
  • Send to BCC / Reply-To

* Included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN

User Synchronization

  • Synchronize users when they sign in with Microsoft *
  • Synchronize users on-demand / interactively
  • Scheduled user synchronization
  • Customize the query used to retrieve users
  • Choose to de-activate (instead of delete) users

* Included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN

User synchronization from Azure AD to WordPress using Microsoft Graph
Embedded WordPress for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

  • Add WordPress to a Teams Tab *
  • Develop an App with a WordPress hosted tab *

* Included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN


  • Restrict access to signed in users
  • Restrict access to members of specific Azure AD groups
  • Dynamically populated
  • Gutenberg block for authors
Azure AD group membership based WordPress roles assignment

Roles + Access

  • Automatically assign WordPress roles to users based on the Azure AD group(s) they are in
  • Automatically assign WordPress roles to users based on the Azure AD user attributes
  • Restrict access to the WordPress website to selected Azure AD groups
  • Configure a default role
  • Choose between adding or replacing roles


  • Update a user’s WordPress avatar with a profile photo from Azure AD / Microsoft 365
  • Includes support for replacing BuddyPress avatars
  • Customize the avatar’s HTML template
  • Caches the profile photos for a configurable period
Azure AD user profile photo for WordPress Buddypress Avatar
Azure AD user attributes for WordPress and BuddyPress custom user fields

Custom User Fields

  • Add custom user attributes from Azure AD to a user’s WordPress profile
  • Includes support for BuddyPress profiles
  • Support for custom / complex attributes and arrays

Gutenberg Blocks for M365

  • Display files from the root folder of a SharePoint library *
  • Folder / Bread crumb navigation
  • Limit access a folder
  • Grant access for anonymous users
  • Choose between SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Recently Used Documents
  • Configure custom list item fields and how they appear

* Included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN

Gutenberg block for embedding SharePoint documents in WordPress
Embedded Power BI for WordPress

Apps for Microsoft 365

  • Embedded Microsoft Power BI content for WordPress [read more …] *
  • Embedded SharePoint Online Search for WordPress *
  • Embedded Azure AD based Employee Directory *
  • Embedded Yammer Feed(s) for WordPress

* Basic versions included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN

Azure AD User provisioning

  • Provisioning users from Azure AD to WordPress using a SCIM client

WordPress Multisite

* Included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN


  • RESTful API that transparently gives developers access to selected Microsoft Graph API endpoints *
  • Various PHP hooks *

* Included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN