Advanced Login Options


Advanced login options enhance the default login experience offered by the WPO365 | LOGIN that is available for free. See the list of supported features below for details.

Supported Features

  • Update basic WordPress user profile fields such as email and name when a user interactively signs in with Microsoft more
  • Update custom user attributes from Microsoft Graph such as job title, mobile phone and many more more
  • Support for BuddyPress Extended Fields more
  • Using a custom Azure AD B2C login domain with your application provides a more seamless user experience (instead of domain more
  • Support for embedded sign-up or sign-in experience. This feature allows for a simpler sign-up or sign-in experience by using an inline frame more
  • Website owners can create custom buttons and links that will send a user on a different Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C) user experience / user journey e.g. to sign in, sign up or reset a password more
  • Support for Azure AD B2B self-service user sign-up flow more
  • Allow users from other Microsoft 365 / AAD tenants to register (extranet) more
  • Allow users with a Microsoft Services Account e.g. to register (extranet) more

Please have a look at this article if you are not sure what the differences are between Azure AD Multitenancy and Azure AD Guests (B2B).

  • Let users choose how they login, with Microsoft (365 / Azure AD) or with their WordPress username and password more
  • Force Single Sign-On for the (default / custom) login page more
  • Require authentication for only a few private pages more
  • Require authentication for all (intranet) pages but not for the public homepage more
  • Single sign out a user from WordPress when he / she signs out of Microsoft 365 more
  • Sign out of Microsoft 365 when signing out from your website more
  • Redirect users to a custom login error page more
  • Upload a custom loading template to replace the default loading bars more
  • Prevent Office 365 user from changing their WordPress password and / or email address more
  • Intercept manual login attempts for Office 365 users more

Plugins with these features

All supported features on this page are unlocked when you install the LOGIN+ extension. Alternatively, the WPO365 | SYNC and WPO365 | INTRANET bundles also unlock all of the supported features.


Please refer to the description of all supported features and click the more link provided for each individual feature.


Please refer to the description of all supported features, follow the more link provided for each individual feature and check the documentation for links for video based instructions.

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