Your Swiss Army Knife that will help you with the integration of WordPress and Microsoft Entra | Azure | 365. Keep your WordPress users up-to-date using WPO365 User Synchronization or by connecting to the Microsoft Entra Provisioning service. With these tools, you can automatically update their WordPress roles, profiles, avatars, and even apply rules like LearnDash enrollments.


  • Full User Sync using MS Graph from Entra to WordPress more
  • Create new WP Users
  • Update existing WP Users
  • (Soft) Delete existing WP Users
  • Entra User Provisioning (SCIM) more
  • Create new WP Users
  • Update existing WP Users
  • (Soft) Delete existing WP Users
  • Assign WordPress roles by Entra Groups, Entra User Attributes, Domains and / or App Roles more
  • Restrict access to site / pages by Entra Groups, Domains and / or WPO365 Audiences more
  • Redirect after login by Entra Groups and / or Domains more
  • Auto-Enroll WP Users in LearnDash Courses and Groups by Entra Groups, Domains and / or Defaults more
  • Enhance WordPress / BuddyPress User Profiles with Entra User Attributes more
  • M365 Profile Picture as WordPress / BuddyPress Avatar more
  • Auto-retry to deliver emails that failed to send more
  • Send attachments larger than 3MB more
  • Send as / On behalf more
  • Send from a Shared Mailbox more
  • Enable Staging Mode more
  • Mail Throttle more
  • Send as BCC more
  • Default Reply-To more
  • Power BI more
  • SharePoint Library more
  • SharePoint List more
  • SharePoint Search more
  • Exchange Calendar more
  • Viva Engage more
  • Employee Directory more
  • Support for Multitenancy more
  • Support for multiple IdPs more
  • Force SSO more
  • Dual Login more
  • Intercept manual login more
  • Prevent pwd. / email change more
  • Single Sign-out more
  • Sign out of M365 more
  • Custom login URL more
  • Custom loading template more
  • B2C custom domain more
  • Embedded B2C login more
  • Custom new User email more
  • Update a WordPress user’s first, last and full name, their mail address and their role, whenever they sign in with Microsoft

Frequently Asked Questions

  • WPO365 | LOGIN  is required for most of our premium plugins to work as expected, since it provides fundamental services in regard to integration, authentication, authorization, WordPress user maintenance and email delivery.
  • WPO365 | MAIL forms an exception to the previous rule and requires either WPO365 | LOGIN  or WPO365 | MICROSOFT GRAPH MAILER.
  • We have tested our plugin with Wordpress >= 5.0 and PHP >= 7.40.
  •  You need to an Entra ID Tenant Administrator to configure both Azure Active Directory and the plugin.
  • You may want to consider restricting access to the otherwise publicly available wp-content directory if you are configuring a WordPress based intranet.
  • And if that is the case then make sure that you have disabled caching for your Website. With caching enabled, the plugin may not work as expected.

License keys simply connect your site to ours, allowing us to give you access to updates if your license key is in good standing. We also provide extension support for valid license key holders.

For instructions on how to install and activate your license, please refer to this tutorial.

Please check out our Getting Started page for detailed installation and configuration instructions.

Upgrading a license is very easy. Please refer to this article for steps how you can upgrade a license.

WPO365 support is free for everyone. You may open a support ticket at any time. Support for premium features, however, requires a valid license key. License keys are issued at the time of purchase.

Check out our page How to get support for more options to get in touch.

WPO365 plugins are fitted with an update checker and hence, whenever an update in the form of a newer version is available, you should see this in your WP Admin panel. When a newer version is available, you can simply go to WP Admin > Plugins > Installed Plugins and click  Update now.

Please refer to the Manage Your Account page in the documentation section, for clear instructions how you can cancel an active subscription.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with our End User License Agreement.

WPO365’s features are not license-dependent; instead, they are made available through the installation of a premium plugin. However, without a valid license, WPO365 will frequently prompt the administrator to purchase and activate one, unless the site is evidently being used for non-production purposes. Finally, without a valid license, access to new minor and major versions is not available.

For detailed information, please consult the End User License Agreement of WPO365.

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