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  1. We’re trying to log out completely with WordPress using Azure account but it still takes back into the WP-admin dashboard. Please let use know if there are alternatives for this.



    1. Hi Jose … When you have purchased the premium version, you can do log out the user from Office 365 when that user logs out from WordPress and have him / her being redirected to a goto-after URL (more info here). The Personal-use version, however, will always send the user back to the WordPress login form, because all other pages could potentially send the user immediately back to Microsoft for authentication and then you’re caught in a loop. With the upcoming version 4.7 of the premium version, a new capability will be added to always send the user to the goto-after URL, also when the user isn’t logged out from Office 365.

  2. We have installed the plugin and it works great however we can only have Office/Azure logins to our website now and we would still like to have standard Word Press login as well as single sign on option – does the pro version of the plugin allow that? If so, how?

    1. Part of the idea of the plugin is to allow for both WordPress only users (e.g. admins) and O365 users. The first group should thus still be able to navigate to the login form. This is also important in case of a “disaster” and when Sign in with Microsoft for which ever reason isn’t working as expected.

      Alternatively you can also select the Intranet scenario and combine it with a login link that is created by the Sign in with Microsoft shortcode.

      Or – if you want your users to always log in using their credentials – you can enable interception of manual logins. If the credentials entered match (one of) the custom domain(s) or the default domain, the login attempt will cause the user being forwarded to the Microsoft authentication endpoint instead. But in this case the user must have entered at least his username, which isn’t the best user experience (but it may help for example again brute force attacks).

    1. Hi Kuldip – Can you provide more details on this error: What do you mean with every 2nd or 3rd try e.g. to sign in? Does the error then occur before you are redirected to Microsoft or is it when Microsoft redirects you back to your website? Can see from the URL what page should be loaded? Also, please provide me with a debug log (see for details how to generate this) and send this please as attachment to info at wpo365 dot com). Thanks!

  3. Hi there,
    I’m about to developer a client’s intranet using WordPress and I am intending on using your plugin to integrate Active Directory so I will purchase the pro version. My client also wants to integrate Skype for Business into their intranet as well. Do you know how this can be done? Can we do it through your plugin as well?

    1. Hi Daniel, I’m not sure I fully understand the requirement “integrate Skype for Business into their intranet”. Would you, for example, like to show a “Instant message” link on a user’s profile? This can be done rather easily by adding a link for sip:username@domain.tld similar to mail:email@domain.tld.

  4. I am using the basic/free version of wpo365. I’ve configured Azure AD and WordPress using instructions provided in video. When I attempt to browse WordPress site I am redirected to login. After authenticating I am redirected back to WordPress, but WordPress page says ‘Please contact your Sysmex Administrator and check log file’. Where do I check log file?

    Also, plugin self-test only shows the following passing:
    Tenant ID has been configured
    Application ID has been configured
    Redirect URL has been configured
    Using Azure AD v2
    Debug log disabled
    Correct use of HTTPS
    Domain hint configured

    All other tests are not passing. I am not sure how to resolve.

    1. Hi Oscar. If all other tests are failing, then you probably haven’t configured the required permissions for the plugin to read a user’s basic profile data. Please review and pay especially attention to the section “API Permissions”. You can also navigate to WP Admin (Dashboard) > WPO365 > … > Debug and check for errors reported by the plugin. Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have further questions and I’ll be glad to assist you.

  5. Hi im struggling to use the premium version of wpo365 with pintra-fx. I have set up single sign on but dont understand how i can use pintra-fx to get the access token of the user into a variable. Ive looked at the github repo: which uses typescript and react. Im not sure how to translate using this in php on wordpress. Thank you.

    I would just like to grab the access token and use it for an api.

    1. Hi Johnathan. Pintra-fx is indeed an extension-point for client-side integrations. The plugin – at the moment – doesn’t offer a documented server-side extension point. For what use case are you looking for a solution and what API would you like to connect to and what permissions would be required for that?

  6. Hello, I’m using the intranet version and in the wp admin plugin section it show there is an update (v10. 7). It says automatic updates are not available and there is no update now button. I also couldn’t find anything when I clicked view details. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Javier.

      Can you please navigate to WP Admin > WPO365 > … > License and check whether you have entered your license key? A license key was sent to you when you purchased the INTRANET edition. When you enter the license key it will first save the key and immediately after try to activate the license. When the license is not activated the Update now won’t show.

      PS Please also know that you contact support directly through the Ask function of the Beacon on the website or by sending a request for support

      Hope this helps!

  7. Hi, is there an option to disable default WP login page with the plugin? So that the only way to get into /wp-admin/ would be through WPO365

    1. Hi Sonya. No, there is not. I believe, however, that you’ll find another plugin that will help you “hide” the login page. Also, please keep in mind that removing the login page all together may be problematic when ever there is a problem with the “Sign in with Microsoft” functionality and you – as an administrator – need to gain access to your WP Admin Dashboard. In the simplest form, you could probably “enqueue” an additional CSS style sheet that would simply hide the login form – but you’ll need a bit of HTML / CSS and WordPress skills for that.

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