Outlook / Exchange Calendar


WPO365 can help you embed an Outlook / Exchange Calendar in WordPress.

Use this opportunity to tap into the potential that Exchange Online offers – as part of your Microsoft 365 investment.

WordPress shortcode generator to embed an Outlook / Exchange Calendar in WordPress

Supported features

Embed an Outlook / Exchange Calendar in WordPress

With the help of WPO365 you can configure an client-side JavaScript app that will show events from a specific Exchange Online Calendar in WordPress. All you need to do is to generate a WordPress shortcode using the shortcode generator and add the shortcode to a page.

At this very moment the WPO365 options for embedding an Outlook / Exchange Calendar are “limited” to the default calendar of a user or a Microsoft 365 Group (Teams).

Customize calendar grouping

You can change the Calendar grouping. By default, calendar events are grouped by month. The alternative options are By dayBy week and By year.

Customize date range

You can change the date range for which events will be fetched. By default, calendar events for the current year between Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st will be fetched. The alternative options are Today, This week, This month, This year and Custom. When you select Custom, you can enter your own start and end date. As start date, you can also check Today to ensure that events that occurred in the past are not shown.

Customize columns

You can edit the columns that the app should display and you can connect each column to a property of an event. Also, you can configure how the column is rendered and also define custom CSS rules to optimize the user experience.


You can supply custom labels in your own language for the strings used in the app e.g. “There are no events to show”.

Test configuration

Before you add your shortcode to a page, you can test it and verify that you have entered a valid configuration.

Plugins with these features

Embedding an Outlook / Exchange Calendar in WordPress is a feature of the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin that is available for free.

All other features – for example customization of grouping, date range and columns – are features that you can unlock with the WPO365 | MICROSOFT 365 APPS extension or the WPO365 | INTRANET bundle.



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