Microsoft Teams


The WPO365 plugin helps you integrate your WordPress website into a Microsoft Teams and enables single sign-on (SSO) for a Teams tab app. The user can log into your website in a seamless way, without signing in again.

Supported features

SSO for Teams tab app

With WPO365 you can enable SSO for a Teams tab app. This involves updating the App registration in Azure AD that you created to enable Azure AD based SSO for your WordPress application to generate an application ID URI, to configure scopes and authorize trusted client applications.

SSO for a Teams tab app requires you to create a Microsoft Teams app. This Teams app includes a manifest that contains important information such as the application ID and the application ID URI. If you just integrate your WordPress website by adding a simple website tab, you will notice that the user is required to sign in again.

Plugins with this feature

To enable SSO for Microsoft Teams is a feature of WPO365 | LOGIN that is available for free.



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