Send Mail using MS Graph


The WPO365 Microsoft Graph Mailer for WordPress configures your WordPress website to send emails using the Microsoft Graph API instead of – for example – SMTP. Sending WordPress emails using the Microsoft Graph API has become the only available alternative after Microsoft has disabled basic authentication (username and password) over the SMTP protocol.

WPO365 Mail Log Viewer with Send Again button

Supported Features

  • Send WordPress transactional emails from one of your Microsoft 365 Exchange Online / Mail enabled accounts using Microsoft Graph instead of – for example – SMTP.
  • Choose between delegated (send mail as a user) and application-level (send mail as any user) type permissions.
Send as HTML
  • Send emails formatted as HTML.
Save to sent items
  • Emails sent will be saved in the account’s mailbox in the Sent Items folder, further helping to track (successful) mail delivery.
  • Send files from your WordPress website as attachments.
Configuration / Send test email
  • Easy configuration with detailed step-by-step Getting started guide and video.
  • Send test email to recipients incl. CC, BCC and attachment.
Support for large attachments
  • Add support to send WordPress emails with attachments larger than 3 MB using Microsoft Graph.
Send as / Send on behalf of
  • Send email as / on behalf of another user or Distribution List.
Shared Mailbox
  • Send email from Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox.
Staging mode
  • Mail Staging Mode is useful for debugging and staging environments. WordPress emails will be logged and saved in the database instead of being sent.
WP-Config for AAD secrets
  • Further improve overall security by choosing to store Azure Active Directory secrets in your WordPress WP-Config.php (on disk) and have those secrets removed from the database.
Mail audit / send again
  • Log every email sent from your WordPress website, review errors and try to send unsuccessfully sent mails again.
  • Automatically retry to send failed emails.
Dynamically configure “From”
  • Allow forms to override “From” address e.g allow Contact Form 7 to dynamically configure the account used to send the email from (requires application-level Mail.Send permissions).
Send as BCC
  • Send emails as BCC instead and prevent reply-to-all mail pollution.
Throttle nr. of emails sent per minute
  • Throttle the number of emails your website will send per minute.
  • Configure a default reply-to mail address if this should differ from the account’s mail address that is used to send WordPress transactional emails from.

Plugins with these features

Basic features such as Delivery, Send as HTML, Save to Sent Items, including attachments less than 3 Mb. in size and the possibility of testing the configuration and sending a test-email are available for free as a stand-alone plugin WPO365 | MICROSOFT GRAPH MAILER. These basic features also integrated in the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin that is also a free download and allows you to configure Microsoft based Single Sign-on.

All other features, such as support to send emails from multiple mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes or Distribution Lists, send attachments larger than 3 Mb. in size and logging every email sent from your WordPress website require the WPO365 | MAIL extension. The features are also unlocked by the WPO365 | SYNC and WPO365 | INTRANET bundle.

The WPO365 | MAIL extension can be combined with both the WPO365 | MICROSOFT GRAPH MAIL stand-alone plugin as well as with the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin.