WPO365 can help you to personalize the user experience of a logged-in user. For example, it can download a user’s profile photo from Azure AD / Microsoft 365 and use it as the WordPress avatar for that user.

Supported features


WPO365 can be configured to connect to Microsoft Graph (Microsoft’s unified API) and download a profile photo for a specific user. It can do so, during several events:

  • The user interactively signs in with Microsoft into your WordPress website.
  • A user visits a page where the WordPress avatar of other users are visible (for example if the author’s avatar is configured) and WPO365 can access Microsoft Graph as an application.
  • A WPO365 User synchronization is updating users.

WPO365 will save user profile images in the wp-content/uploads folder. Here it will create a new folder wpo365/profile-images. Each time a WordPress avatar is requested, WPO365 will check when that avatar was last updated. It will only refresh the avatar, if a specific time-span – that an administrator can configure – has lapsed.

BuddyPress integration

Administrators of WordPress websites that use BuddyPress for community and social aspects, can configure WPO365 to override the default BuddyPress avatar.

Plugins with these features

All supported features on this page are unlocked when you install the AVATAR extension. Alternatively, the WPO365 | SYNC and WPO365 | INTRANET bundles also unlock all of the supported features.



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