Yammer for WordPress


The Yammer for WordPress app gives companies that use WordPress as their intranet platform, a simple solution to embed a Yammer feed.

Yammer feed embedded in a WordPress page / post

Supported features

Select feed

The administrator / intranet manager can choose between the following and the my feed and configure the number messages that are retrieved initially and each time when the user clicks the Load more button.

Starter messages

The app will retrieve the so-called starter message of each thread of the selected feed and an excerpt of its content. Replies to the starter message are not loaded. Instead, the user can click the item which will load the corresponding thread in a new browser window.

Message rendering

The app renders messages differently, based on their type. The following types are supported:

  • Announcement
  • (System) Update
  • Praise (including the Praise icon)
  • Poll
  • Question
Handlebars template

You can create your own HandlebarsJS template or customize one of the out-of-the-box templates to implement your own requirements.

Plugins with these features

Embedding a Yammer feed in WordPress is a feature that you can unlock with the WPO365 | MICROSOFT 365 APPS extension or the WPO365 | INTEGRATE bundle.



There is no video available for this feature.