Documents (SharePoint / OneDrive) for WordPress

Feature description

With the Documents app you can surface files in a SharePoint Online or (personal) OneDrive library in your WordPress (intranet) site. Use this app to tap into the potential that Microsoft SharePoint Online offer – as part of your Microsoft 365 investment.

Extensions and bundles

A basic version of the Content by Search app is included in the free WPO365 | LOGIN plugin.

An advanced version of the app is available as part of the WPO365 | M365 extension or the WPO365 | INTRANET bundle.

Advanced configuration options include:

  • Choose between a SharePoint Online Library, OneDrive Library or Delve’s Recent Documents as your preferred data source.
  • Allow users to navigate into folders.
  • Limit navigation to a folder and it sub folders.
Example of SharePoint Online Folder embedded in a WordPress page

Configuration and Details

For details and configuration please consult the corresponding online documentation.


  1. Hello,

    I have the Intranet licence version of the plugin and I am trying to integrate OneDrive documents on my site. I want a OneDrive section so that each signed-in user can see their own personal private files.

    Page Size: 10
    Server relative library path: [empty field]
    List title: OneDrive

    I can’t enter [personal/name_surname_sitename_com] as relative library path, since that would display the private files for the specific user.

    Is there a way that can resolve my issue?


    1. Hi Done. Unfortunately this is not supported at the moment. But I can see that this makes absolutely sense and will add it as soon as possible (but at least before the end of the year). Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

  2. Hello,
    First of all, great feature!
    I was wondering how to use the “Columns” field when generating the shortcode. It doesn’t look to have any impact on the final result.

  3. Regarding the columns, I experience the same issue. I can add an additional json pair (createdByUser in my case), but it has no impact. Additionally, the keys in the generator are not valid keys in the DriveItem endpoint. For example, the generator uses modifedBy where the API uses lastModifiedBy. Something is controlling that – a template perhaps?

    1. Hi Brian. Yes, you are right. There is internally a default column set.

      For (Recent) Documents:
      Name, Default title
      type, ‘Type’
      title, ‘Title’
      lastActivity, ‘Last Activity’

      For (SharePoint / OneDrive) Documents:
      Name, Default title
      icon, ‘Icon’
      name, ‘Name’
      modified, ‘Modified’
      modifiedBy, ‘Modified By’
      size, ‘Size’

      Other columns cannot be used currently. But please let me know if you feel that more columns should be added.

      Hope this helps!

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