Embedded Power BI for WordPress

Feature Description

Power BI report embedded on WordPress page / post

Feature description

WPO365’s Power BI for WordPress will help embed a Power BI Report, Dashboard or Tile in a WordPress page or post. It allows you to give your WordPress website visitors access to an immersive, interactive and highly customizable visualization of your data.

WordPress + Azure AD / Microsoft (Office) 365 plugins not only help you to integrate your WordPress website with Microsoft (Office) 365 with regards to Single Sign-on / Sign in with MicrosoftUser Registration and User Synchronization. They also come with a collection of turn-key apps that let you seamlessly integrate services from Microsoft (Office) 365, such as Power BI, SharePoint OnlineMicrosoft GraphAzure AD and Yammer.

The Embedded Power BI for WordPress app supports two authentication / authorization scenarios:

  • User owns data * – for Power BI users in your company that you assigned a valid Power BI license.
  • App owns data – for non-Power BI users without a valid license.

Depending on the artifact that you want to embed e.g. a Power BI Report, Dashboard or Tile, the configurator app offers the necessary fields for the information that must be entered e.g. Workspace ID and Report ID.

Basic features *

  • Embed a Power BI Report, Dashboard or Tile in a WordPress page or post.
  • Support for Power BI users (user owns data)

Premium features

To fully customize the Embedded Power BI experience you can extend the basic functionality with the following features.

  • Support for non-Power BI users (app owns data).
  • Manually customize the Embed configuration by editing the JSON directly.
  • Add custom Embed settings e.g. hide the filter panel.
  • Add custom Report Filters.
  • Support for row-level-security (RLS) by editing the Token request JSON directly.

Plugins with the premium feature

The following plugin includes the default function:


The following knowledge-base article(s) will help with the implementation:

* Included in the free edition WPO365 | LOGIN