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The WordPress + Office 365 plugins not only shines when it comes to its Single Sign-on, User Registration and User Synchronization capabilities. Since v9.0 it now ships with ready made apps that let you seamlessly integrate the world’s most widely used content management system WordPress with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Graph and SharePoint Online.

The Employee Directory app gives companies that use WordPress as their intranet platform of choice a simple solution to offer employees the ability to search for, find and immediately contact colleagues by tapping into the potential offered to us by Microsoft Graph.

Please note that there are two versions of this app:

  • The basic version offers a fairly simple Microsoft Graph based search for (Azure AD) users and cannot be customized.
  • The advanced version allows for the following customizations

The advanced version is included in the WPO365 | INTRANET extension (see https://www.wpo365.com/downloads/wordpress-office-365-login-intranet/ for pricing and details).

Interactive clickable organizational chart using data from Microsoft Graph

Consult the online knowledge base for configuration details https://docs.wpo365.com/article/111-employee-directory-and-contacts.

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