Do not update existing admins

Version Available
Personal Blog (free) No
Commercial / School / Non-profit (premium) Yes
Properties Value
Group User Management
Mandatory No

Setting description

This setting enhances the update user role behavior and if checked would instruct the plugin to skip checking the role and possibly updating it when Azure AD group to WordPress role mapping are configured and the existing user’s role is WordPress Administrator (slug administrator). This is simply a safety net to prevent the plugin from resetting the role of existing administrators to the default role for the main site in case a mapping for the WordPress administrator role is missing.

Usage / Example(s)

Simply check the box to prevent the plugin from updating an administrator’s role or uncheck it to allow checking and possibly updating an existing user’s role if that existing user’s current role is administrator.


Please ensure that a user’s ID token (sent by Microsoft as a response when a user signs in) contains the membership information for that user. To accomplish this, please use the following instruction.

Please make sure to configure a role mapping for your WordPress administator(s) to prevent the plugin from updating the administrator’s role to the default role for the main site, when mappings are used but not mapping is found that maps an Azure AD group membership to the WordPress administrator role. To prevent your administrator from being removed from the administrator role, another settings Do not update existing admins is checked by default to prevent an existing adminstrator’s role from being updated when signin into the website.


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