Custom errors

Version Available
Personal Blog (free) Yes
Commercial / School / Non-profit (premium) Yes
Properties Value
Group Errors
Mandatory No

Setting description

You can customize the error message for each error code with your own text. The error message will be shown just above the login form when the user’s attempt to sign into your website failed. The error codes are self explaining:

Code Description
WPO_ERROR_NOT_CONFIGURED The plugin is not yet configured and therefore nobody can log in.
WPO_ERROR_CHECK_LOG An unexpected error has occurred. Please consult the log file for details about the error.
WPO_ERROR_TAMPERED_WITH The user’s NONCE is invalid or the signature of ID token received from Microsoft could not be verified
WPO_ERROR_USER_NOT_FOUND The user could not be found in the database. This can either be an error e.g. when creating a new user failed or intended e.g. when a domain whitelist has been configured.
WPO_ERROR_NOT_IN_GROUP Role mappings between Azure AD groups and WordPress roles have been defined and have blocked the user from successfully signing in.

Usage / Example(s)

Replace the default error message in order to customize the message.


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