Custom errors

You can customize the error message for each error code with your own text. The error message will be shown just above the login form when the user’s attempt to sign into your website failed.

Check nonce

When checked the plugin will ensure that a so-called NONCE is generated and verified each time a client-solution requests an access token. For more information see [Pintra Framework](

Enable token service

When checked the plugin enable its built-in WordPress AJAX service that can be consumed by client-side (e.g. JavaScript) solutions to request access tokens for Azure AD secured resources e.g. SharePoint Online and Microsoft Graph. For more information see [Pintra Framework](

Pintra-Fx | Microsoft 365 Intranet Apps for WordPress

Pintra is short for a WordPress + Office 365 intranet that is built using our (partially open source) Framework **Pintra-Fx**. This framework offers a runtime model across multiple technology layers, to help developers build client-side Office 365 productive intranet experiences and apps for WordPress that meet the advanced requirements of today’s modern workplace.