1. Maaike

    Is it possible to use this plugin with anonymous access to the sharepoint library. For a public website? No login required?

    • mvan

      Hi Maaike. Unfortunately that scenario is not supported. The SharePoint plugin currently requires each user to be able to present his / her own so-called access token. Providing this is then facilitated by the wpo365-login plugin.

  2. Maaike

    could they request access and make a Microsoft great account as a valid token? Do you know a scenario like that?

    • mvan

      Hi Maaike – Unfortunately, it would be a bit more complicated. To give them access they would really need to be registered in your Azure AD e.g. as Guests. The plugin does support so-called multi-tenanted Azure AD applications, but this only really works for authentication scenarios and not for granting users access to your SharePoint. For guest users to be able to access your SharePoint you really need to either register them in your Azure AD prior to registering them in specific SharePoint site collection before them being able to access your SharePoint in the first place. Or you need a solution that would impersonate a functional user that can access SharePoint on behalf of “anonymous” users (but this would create potential security holes in your SharePoint).

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