Troubleshooting the WPO365-login plugin

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If you have further questions after reading the online documenation, the troubleshoot guide or the plugin is not working according to your expectations, you can always ask for help and you can expect a reply within 24 hours (or 48 during weekends).

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  1. We are using the free version of the plugin and have followed the video to authenticate with Azure but when we publish the applcation in Azure portal it only takes us to the wordpress login screen and doesn’t authenticate through azure active directory. Do we have to have premium for this to work right?

    • mvan

      Hi Paul. I’m not sure what you mean with “Publish the application”. Do you intend to list your application in the Azure Active Directory application gallery? What could have happened is that you maybe have mixed up the application’s home and reply URL. The reply URL (redirect URI) is used by Azure AD to redirect the user to after he/she successfully authenticated with Azure AD. The home URL is most likely your website’s landing page. And depending on the configuration of the plugin and especially the selected Authentication Scenario the plugin will require a user to be logged in for either front- and backend or only for the backend and do so by integrating with Azure AD. What happens if you click Test Authentication (on the Single Sign-on tab of the wizard) and what happens if you navigate directly to your websites home page (or WP Admin area)?

    • mvan

      That is not good! Are you using a plugin for caching? Or is your hoster offering such services? If so, you would need to disable it. The error means that an old redirect is being “replayed” from the cache with values in it that are already “used”. The plugin recognizes this and blocks this.

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