Eating our own dog food!

We have updated our website WordPress + Azure AD / Microsoft Office 365 and made it easier for you to log in using our brand new Azure AD B2C tenant.

So what did change? You can still access your account to manage your details, subscriptions, licenses and download purchased items at But now you will note that we automatically redirect you to, where you can sign in with your email address.

With the help of the latest addition WPO365 | CUSTOMERS to our suite of WordPress plugins, we are currently migrating existing website accounts from WordPress to Azure AD B2C. Existing customers will receive an email, informing them that we have assigned them a temporary password, that must be changed upon the first sign-in.

Of course, our new plugin WPO365 | CUSTOMERS will also create website accounts in Azure AD B2C for new customers. And also in this case a temporary password will be assigned.

We look forward to welcome you back soon!

If you are keen on learning how you can add enterprise level Customer Identity and Access Management CIAM features to your WordPress ecommerce / learning site, then please visit one of the following sites:

PS If you wonder why we used the title Eating our own dog food we recommend that you click the link provided.