Plugin description

With WPO365 users can sign in with their corporate or school (Azure AD / Microsoft Office 365) account into your WordPress website: No username or password required.


Microsoft Office 365 / Azure AD based single sign-on so users can seamlessly and securely log on to your WordPress intranet, extranet or internet website.

  • Single Sign-on SSO for Microsoft Office 365 / Azure AD accounts more
  • Administrators can choose between OpenID Connect and SAML based single sign-on (SSO) more
  • New users that sign in with Microsoft are automatically registered with your WordPress more
  • Restrict access to pages / posts in intranet mode more
  • Support for integration of your WordPress website into a Microsoft Teams Tabs and Apps more
  • Send emails using Microsoft Graph instead of SMTP from your WordPress website more
  • Support for WordPress Multisite more
  • Client-side solutions can request access tokens e.g. for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Graph more
  • Developers can include a simple and robust API from npm more
  • Authors can inject Pintra Framework apps into any page or post using a simple WordPress shortcode more
  • PHP hooks for developers to build custom Microsoft Graph / Office 365 integrations more

Plus all editions of the plugin include four new modern Microsoft (Office) 365 apps

  • Embed Microsoft Power BI content more
  • SharePoint Online Library more and Search more
  • Employee Directory (Microsoft Graph / Azure AD) more


Extends WPO365 | LOGIN and automatically completes a WordPress user profile with first, last and full name.

  • Completes the WordPress user profile with first, last and full name and email address from Microsoft Office 365 / Azure AD whenever that user signs in with Microsoft more
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | LOGIN edition, plus …


Extends WPO365 | LOGIN and gives WordPress administrators more control over the complete single sign-on experience e.g. with support for Dual login and (Azure AD) Multitenancy.

  • Dual login to let users choose to login with O365 or with WordPress more
  • Require authentication for only a few private pages more
  • Require authentication for all (intranet) pages but not for the public homepage more
  • Redirect users to a custom login error page more
  • Allow users from other Microsoft 365 / AAD tenants to register (extranet) more
  • Allow users with a Microsoft Services Account e.g. to register (extranet) more
  • Upload a custom loading template to replace the default loading bars more
  • Prevent Office 365 user from changing their WordPress password and / or email address more
  • Intercept manual login attempts for Office 365 users more
  • Single sign out a user from WordPress when he / she signs out of Microsoft 365 more
  • Sign out of Microsoft 365 when signing out from your website more
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | PROFILE+ edition
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | LOGIN+ edition


Extends WPO365 | LOGIN and gives administrators full control over who can (not) enroll to / sign into their WordPress website plus full synchronization of WordPress roles, profiles and profile images.

  • (On-demand and scheduled) User synchronization from Azure Active Directory to WordPress (per user or in batches) more
  • Delete / de-activate WordPress users without a matching Azure AD account more
  • Dynamically assign WordPress user role(s) based on Azure AD group membership(s) more
  • Dynamically assign WordPress user role(s) to new and existing users based on properties of that user’s Azure AD user account e.g. ‘Department’ more
  • Dynamically assign itthinx Groups based on Azure AD group membership(s) more
  • Dynamically assign itthinx Groups based on properties of that user’s Azure AD user account e.g. ‘Department’ more
  • Synchronize WordPress and / or BuddyPress user profiles with Azure AD e.g. job title, department and mobile phone more
  • Replace a user’s default WordPress avatar with a profile image downloaded from Office 365 more
  • Azure AD group membership(s) based access (and deny all others) more
  • Place a customizable Sign in with Microsoft link on a post, page or theme using a simple shortcode more
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | LOGIN+ edition
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | PROFILE+ edition
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | LOGIN edition


Extends WPO365 | LOGIN and offers the deepest integration with the Microsoft Office 365 / Azure cloud, incl. apps for Power BI, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Graph and Yammer and support for Azure AD user provisioning (SCIM).

  • Support for Azure AD User provisioning (SCIM) more
  • Advanced versions of the INTRANET apps that can be customized using Handlebars.js templates more
  • SharePoint Online / OneDrive Library with support for folder and breadcrumb navigation more
  • Recently used documents more
  • SharePoint Online Search with support for query templates, auto-search, templates and more
  • Employee Directory with a builtin interactive clickable org(anizational) chart incl. support for user profile images and additional fields (Microsoft Graph / Azure AD) more
  • Microsoft Power BI more
  • Yammer feed(s) more
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | SYNC edition
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | LOGIN+ edition
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | PROFILE+ edition
  • Plus all features of the WPO365 | LOGIN edition


  • Make sure that you have disabled caching for your Website in case your website is an intranet and access to WP Admin and all pubished pages and posts requires authentication. With caching enabled, the plugin may not work as expected
  • We have tested our plugin with WordPress >= 4.8.1 and PHP >= 5.6.40
  • You need to be (Office 365) Tenant Administrator to configure both Azure Active Directory and the plugin
  • You may want to consider restricting access to the otherwise publicly available wp-content directory


We will go to great length trying to support you if the plugin doesn’t work as expected. Go to our Support Page to get in touch with us. We haven’t been able to test our plugin in all endless possible WordPress configurations and versions so we are keen to hear from you and happy to learn!


We are keen to hear from you so share your feedback with us on Twitter and help us get better!


When you’re a developer and interested in the code you should have a look at our repo over at WordPress.