WordPress + Office 365 login premium

This plugin offers the same set as features as the free version, plus:

WordPress + Office 365 login

WordPress + Office 365 login allows Microsoft O365 users to seamlessly and securely log on to your corporate WordPress intranet: No username or password required! The plugin offers the following features:

  • As a Wordpress Administrator you can choose between two scenarios: ‘Intranet’ or ‘Internet’
  • In both scenarios, users will be automatically logged on after they have successfully authenticated with Azure Active Directory / Office 365.
  • And in case the user does so for the very first time, the plugin will create a corresponding new WordPress user for the first three Office 365 users
  • Still, when a user would navigate to the default Wordpress login page, he or she can still log on using a Wordpress-only account.
  • To keep things save, the plugin will by default prevent Office 365 users to change their email address.
  • The plugin will also prevent Office 365 users to request a new password.
  • After a certain time – by default 1 hour – the plugin will try and refresh the authentication.

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