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A light-weight integration between WordPress and LearnDash to support Azure AD group based auto-enrollment.
Configure your WordPress website to send emails using the Microsoft Graph API instead of SMTP.
Embed any Yammer feed in a WordPress post or page.
Create / update users from WordPress in Entra External ID, keep them synchronized and enable them to sign in with their email address.
An Azure AD based Employee directory that lets your users search for, find and immediately contact their colleagues from WordPress.
Embed any Power BI content e.g. a report, dashboard or tile, in any WordPress post or page.
Integrate your WordPress website into a Microsoft Teams and enable seamless single sign-on (SSO).
Create / update users from WordPress in Azure AD B2C, keep them synchronized and enable them to sign in with their email address.
Restrict access to individual WordPress posts and pages by demanding that a user is signed in or member of an Azure AD group.
Integrate your WordPress website with Azure AD's SCIM based User provisioning feature.
Embed files and folders in a SharePoint Online or OneDrive library in any WordPress post or page.
Automatically assign a WordPress role to a WordPress user based on the Azure AD group(s) that a user is a member of or deny access to users if they are not.
Personalize the user experience of a logged-in user, by downloading a user's profile photo from Azure AD and use it as the WordPress avatar for that user.
Enhance the default login experience offered by the free plugin e.g. force SSO for the login page.
WPO365 is fully compatibel with WordPress Multisite and supports multiple scenarios to allow or deny access to users.
Let your employees search for content in SharePoint Online, directly from WordPress.
Automate user enrollment and keep your WordPress users synchronized incl. (soft) deletion of disabled users.
Allow Microsoft 365 / Azure AD users to sign into your WordPress website, using their corporate work or school account.
Enrich a user's WordPress profile with (custom) Azure AD user profile attributes, e.g. a user's phone numbers, department, office location.

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