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WPO365 plugins for WordPress are your Swiss made army knife when you need to integrate WordPress and Microsoft. Below you find our most powerful features.


Single Sign-on for Microsoft accounts

Enable sign-in with Microsoft Entra (AAD) or an external identity / B2C account (SSO) and configure one of the plugin’s numerous options e.g. allow WPO365 create new WordPress users, select an Auth.-Only Scenario, enable Intranet-Mode, set up Multiple Identity Providers, enforce SSO or implement Multi-Tenancy.


Send WP Emails from any M365 Mailbox

Send WordPress emails from any (Shared) Microsoft 365 Mailbox using Microsoft Graph instead of SMTP, and configure the plugin with various options such as enabling Auto-Retry Mode, activating the Mail Audit Log, sending emails as HTML, saving copies in the Sent Items folder, or sending (large) attachments.


Sync Users, Attributes and Pictures

Maintain your WordPress users’ information current by utilizing WPO365 to synchronize users, their attributes, and profile pictures from Entra ID (AAD). This synchronization occurs when users sign in with Microsoft, during a full-sync by WPO365, or when Entra User Provisioning initiates updates to your website (SCIM).


Role Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control, as defined by WPO365, allows for dynamic assignment of WordPress roles and the ability to restrict or grant access to your site or specific pages based on Entra (AAD) Groups, Entra (AAD) User Attributes, or App Roles. Furthermore, WPO365 has the capability to automatically enroll users in LearnDash courses.


Maintain users in Entra Ext. ID / B2C

If you operate an ecommerce platform on WordPress and have integrated Entra External ID / Azure AD B2C, then WPO365 can assist in managing those user identities by allowing you to create and update users and their profiles directly from WordPress in Entra External ID / B2C.


Embed Microsoft 365 services

Maximize your Microsoft 365 investment by embedding content from services like SharePoint Online, Power BI, Outlook/Exchange Calendar and Viva Engage (Yammer). Or enable your users to search and navigate an Entra ID (AAD) based organizational chart.

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