Provide Composer repository for premium add-ons


Please consider providing a Composer repositoriy for the premium add-ons of the WPO365 plugin.

Currently, we have to upload them to a dedicated SatisPress instance ( that makes them available as Composer packages. But that’s a tedious task because AFAIK, your plugins don’t have any auto-update logic, so they need to be manually kept up to date in the SatisPress instance.

Other vendors that provide Composer repositories are e.g., Yoast ( or Delicious Brains (

Maybe that’s something you could add, too? Thanks!

BTW, Delicious Brains shared some insights on how they did this:

(Originally brought up via email.)


    1. I realize that this is a must-have for you (and others) but unfortunately I haven’t been able to work on it. I’ll look at this again in Q1 2024. Thank you for your patience!

    2. This is still on the roadmap but got a bit moved back in favor of adding support for multiple IdPs and the possibility to configure WPO365 using wp-config.php in better support of devOps workloads. The current plan would be to look at this topic in Q2 instead.

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