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I am beginning to build a Learndash based lms for our students at Coder Sports. We have extensive Microsoft enterprise infrastructure deployed and I want to extend that as much as possible into the LearnDash LMS. Your SSO functionality is extremely useful as we manage the student accounts in AD.

I just bout the Profile+ addon so that I can send the student first name/ last name to WP, making it easier to create their course certificates automatically with LearnDash meta data options.

I am curious what else we can use from your suite. I suspect I will want to figure out how to better sync users to remove them from the LMS when they have their license removed in AD. We do not normally delete accounts in AD when a student leaves, so being able to detect their license, and then update their status in the LMS might be helpful.

I am also interested in auto assigning the students to LearnDash groups and hence specific courses. I haven’t figured out how LearnDash uses groups, but maybe that is something you would also want to explore.

Overall, the free plugin is excellent and the Profile+ will definitely be useful for me going forward.

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  1. I really like this idea and I have already received requests in the past that go in the same direction, especially assigning users to LearnDash groups.

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