Azure AD Group Membership Redirection

Version Available
Personal Blog (free) Yes
Commercial / School / Non-profit (premium) Yes
Properties Value
Group Integration
Mandatory No

Setting description

The Azure AD Group Membership redirection configuration allows you to create a mapping between a user’s Azure AD Group Membership and a target URL the user should be redirected to after he / she successfully authenticates.

When a user signs into your website he / she will be redirected as follows:

  • To the (first) URL mapped to his / her AD Group(s)
  • If no applicable mapping was found to the page he / she initially tried to access before the plugin redirected him / her to Microsoft to authenticate
  • Or if always goto after has been checked to goto after URL

Usage / Example(s)

Add the Azure AD Group ID in the first and a target URL in the second text field, click the plus to add the mapping and finally save the configuration.