Check nonce

When checked the plugin will ensure that a so-called NONCE is generated and verified each time a client-solution requests an access token. For more information see [Pintra Framework](

Enable token service

When checked the plugin enable its built-in WordPress AJAX service that can be consumed by client-side (e.g. JavaScript) solutions to request access tokens for Azure AD secured resources e.g. SharePoint Online and Microsoft Graph. For more information see [Pintra Framework](

Microsoft Graph version

Microsoft offers a beta version of its graph, which offers experimental features and optionally returns more data. This can be especially interesting in combination with the retrieval of Office 365 user information.

Post sign-out URL

Version Available Personal Blog (free) No Commercial / School / Non-profit (premium) Yes Properties Value Group Login / Logout behaviour Mandatory No Setting description A user that clicks the (default) WordPress logout link will also be logged out from Office 365. To achieve this the user will be redirected to a Microsoft logout page so …