Building a WordPress based intranet: Restrict access

WPO365 can help you restrict access to all or some posts and pages of your WordPress website. The following features may help you achieve your goal:

  • Choose between the two available authentication scenarios
  • Add post or pages to the list of Private pages
  • Use WPO365 Audiences

Authentication scenarios

WPO365 allows administrators to choose between two authentication scenarios:

  • The intranet authentication mode restricts access to WordPress Admin and all published post and pages to logged-in users only. This scenario is especially useful for WordPress based intranets when the content is considered confidential.
  • The internet authentication mode only restricts access to WordPress Admin to logged-in users. This scenario is especially useful for WordPress based internet websites when the content is not considered confidential.

Choosing your preferred authentication scenario, is a feature that is supported by the LOGIN plugin that is available for free.

Private pages

Administrators can add posts or pages to WPO365’s list of Private pages. Doing so, will restrict access to that content to logged-in users only. When a user, who is not logged in, tries to access the page, he / she will be redirected to Microsoft to authenticate. See Advanced login options (LOGIN+) for details.


WPO365 Audiences will help you to restrict access to individual WordPress posts and pages either by requiring that a user is signed in or by demanding that the user is a member of an (Azure AD Groups based) Audience. See Audiences for details.

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