The plugin is capable of retrieving a user’s Office 365 profile image and save it in WordPress and set it as that user’s avatar.

In addition the Microsoft 365 / Azure AD profile picture can also be set as the BuddyPress user’s profile picture.

Once it retrieved a user’s profile image it will refresh it after a configurable period of time, to reduce the number of calls otherwise made to Microsoft Graph.

Profile images can be saved in the /wp-content folder so that they can be easily cached externally.

For further technical details please refer to the Configuration documentation


  1. Buddypress uses a different avatar system as WordPress. I would love to see the WP avater synced to the Buddypress avatar.

    1. Hi Patrick. Yes, I realized that too. Your request is noted and I’ll see what I can do in the next few weeks. Thanks!

  2. Hi Marco
    Yes – I was expecting that too – just noticed the Microsoft Avatar not copied across with O365 premium. We use Buddypress so assume this is the reason. Any eta for fix please?

    David Callaghan
    LSTM, Liverpool

    1. Hi David. Have you tried the option Use O365 Avatar (Buddy Press) on the User sync page of the plugin’s wizard? Unforatunately, the documentation is not up-to-date (working on that as we speak) but this would “force” BuddyPress to take the WP avatar (not overwrite the actual image file though). Hope that helps!

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