Just released v1.4

We have just released a new version of our free download WPO365-login and like to give you a quick primer on the most important changes.

Additional WPO365 Options

If you navigate to your admin dashboard you’ll see that we have added a new section to our WPO365 Options menu.

New WPO365 options section

You can now configure whether or not you want Office 365 users to be able to change their email address or password. However, most likely you don’t want this and therefore these options are checked by default.

Improved error handling

We’ve improved feedback to the user when the login wasn’t successful.

Improved user feedback

Code quality

We have refactored our code to improve the overall quality of our plug.

  • Obfuscated the user’s id when stored in a cookie
  • Added a WordPress hook for processing redirects from Microsoft
  • Replaced using PHP sessions to improve the ability for WordPress to cache pages

Thanks for your support and patience whilst we are making things better!


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