Important upgrade notice v7.0

Important upgrade notice

Soon version 7.0 of the WordPress + Office 365 (login) plugin will be released. It will change the way you manage the plugin’s options dramatically. Right now you can configure the plugin either using the Redux Framework plugin or by entering all options as so-called global constants in your wp-config.php file. Whilst Redux is an easy to use solution for managing plugin options, it proofed difficult to support the first-time users e.g. by validating input. With the number of options steadily growing, configuring the plugin became more difficult and users began making more and more mistakes when configuring the WordPress + Office 365 integration. Hence a new Configurator has been added and you can launch it when you open your WordPress (all) Plugins page and search for the Configuration action link placed next to the Deactivate link.
The first time the plugin is loaded after it has been updated to version 7.0, it will try and upgrade the existing options. Existing options can either be the Redux options stored in the WordPress database or the global variables defined in the wp-config.php. Upgraded options will be stored in the WordPress database and as soon as options have been upgraded the previous Redux or wp-config.php options are no longer loaded.

WordPress + Office 365 plugin action link

I understand that for some of you the ability of configuring the plugin through the wp-config.php file will be missed. However, I believe that the new solution offers a better (and extendable) framework for helping first time users be successful from the start when they install and configure the plugin whilst at the same time not causing significant additional performance cost.

In addition, I have published a number of videos to help new and existing users of the plugin to better understand the plugin’s features and how to configure them. All of these videos have been uploaded to WordPress + Office 365 YouTube video channel.

WordPress + Office 365 videos

Thanks for your business and more importantly, thanks for your trust!

Marco van Wieren
WPO365 – Connecting WordPress and Office 365
Zurich, Switzerland