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wpo365 login documentation

Overview available documentation WPO365-login We have provided the following documentation for you, to successfully install our WordPress connector (plugin) for Microsoft Office 365 / Azure AD authentication. Authentication Flow Installation Configuration Options User Synchronization Authentication Shortcode Troubleshooting Get Support Installation without Redux Or watch the following video…

Azure Application Registration

In this article Register your WordPress website in your Azure Active Directory to enable Single Sign-on Create a secret that the plugin can use to retrieve information from Microsoft Graph Receive a user’s upn, email, first and last name Obtain a user’s (Azure AD security) group IDs. Register your WordPress website in your Azure Active […]

Azure AD Group Membership Redirection

Version Available Personal Blog (free) Yes Commercial / School / Non-profit (premium) Yes Properties Value Group Integration Mandatory No Setting description The Azure AD Group Membership redirection configuration allows you to create a mapping between a user’s Azure AD Group Membership and a target URL the user should be redirected to after he / she […]