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WordPress for Microsoft Teams

Feature description Are you looking for ways to give authenticated users access to private pages in WordPress – e.g. for work or school – from a single application? Then you are probably also looking at possibilities to integrate WordPress in Microsoft Teams Apps and Tabs. Teams Apps and Tabs Examples of portals / pages that […]

Private pages in WordPress

Feature description Private pages in WordPress created with the WPO365 plugin are pages that can only be seen by users that signed in with Microsoft (SSO). Private pages Examples of pages that you may want to make private are: Pages with with customer details e.g. a page where a customer or external partner would be […]

Automatically register new users from other tenants

Feature description When you install and configure the plugin then by default only only users with accounts in your own organizational directory are able to sign into your WordPress website. However, if you intend to make (parts of) your (private) WordPress extranet / website available to customers, partners or basically any user with a valid […]

Sign in with Microsoft for WordPress

Feature description Sign in with Microsoft for WordPress is a single sign-on authentication flow that allows Microsoft Office 365 / Azure AD users to sign into your WordPress website using their corporate work or school account: no username or password required! Open Connect ID The WordPress + Azure AD / Microsoft Office 365 plugin implements […]

Make your WordPress intranet pages private

Using one of the two scenarios, you can now decided whether authentication (for Office 365 / Azure AD users) is required for all users that are readers of your posts and pages (= intranet) or only for authors who access the WordPress backend e.g. the authors and editors of those posts and pages (= internet).

Support for WordPress Multisite

Feature Description WordPress Multisite (WPMU) allows you to create and manage more than one website from a single WordPress installation. The WPO365 plugin supports WordPress Multisite installations and allows for the integration with Office 365 / Azure AD to be configured in one of two ways: Shared All subsites in the network share the same Azure […]

Azure AD v2

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