1. Hello WPO365 Support team,

    We are using your plugin in one of our wordpress project. We have issue with login page. When we enable WPO365 plugin it overrides our default login page, we want our default login page and want an option to separately login with Microsoft Azure.

    Also we are willing to buy support or premium version if you can resolve this problem for us.

    1. Hi Pragnesh and thanks for asking. I’m not sure I understand the part where you say “it overrides our default login page” or have you changed the default login page? If so, you may need to add the new URL of the login page to the Pages Blacklist. Because by default, the plugin does not override the (default) WordPress login page to give non-O365 users a chance to login as well (or at least the Administrator e.g. when there is problem with the Azure / Office 365). You may also want to have a look at the Sign in with Microsoft short code which you can render as a link your self and place anywhere on any page or in a custom theme in a header. This is, however, indeed a premium version.

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