This 5Y-BUNDLE gives you everything your business needs, to create a WordPress based intranet / extranet that is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365. It unlocks all available WPO365 features with the installation of a single premium plugin.


Purchasing the 5Y-BUNDLE grants you one or more master license keys that remain valid for 5 years and that won’t auto-renew at the end of that period.

With this purchase, you save hundreds of $$$. You only pay 3 times the amount you would have paid for the equivalent 1Y-BUNDLE, which is billed yearly until cancelled.


  • Automatic (SCIM based) provisioning of users between Azure AD and WordPress more
  • Microsoft 365 apps for Power BI, SharePoint Online (Search + List View), OneDrive, Employee Directory / Contacts and Yammer more
  • On-demand / scheduled user synchronization from Azure AD to WordPress more
  • Delete / de-activate WordPress users without a matching Azure AD account more
  • Restrict access to individual WordPress posts and pages and only make those available to users who signed in to WordPress and / or belong to of specific Azure AD groups more
  • Dynamically assign WordPress user role(s) based on Azure AD group membership(s) more
  • Dynamically assign WordPress user role(s) to new and existing users based on properties of that user’s Azure AD user account e.g. ‘Department’ more
  • Azure AD group membership(s) based access (and deny all others) more
  • Adds support to send WordPress emails using Microsoft Graph on behalf of another account (incl. a Shared Mailbox or a Distribution List).
  • Log all outgoing emails and optionally send emails again e.g. when a message initially failed to send.
  • Enable the Mail Staging Mode, which is useful for debugging and staging environments.
  • Synchronize WordPress and / or BuddyPress user profiles with Azure AD e.g. job title, department and mobile phone more
  • Replace a user’s default WordPress avatar with a profile image downloaded from Office 365 more
  • Dynamically assign itthinx Groups based on Azure AD group membership(s) more
  • Dynamically assign itthinx Groups based on properties of that user’s Azure AD user account more
  • Place a customizable Sign in with Microsoft link on a post, page or theme using a simple shortcode more
  • Including all features of the WPO365 | LOGIN+ extension e.g. support for Dual LoginAzure AD B2BAAD Multi-TenancyPrivate Pages and (Single) Sign-out
  • Including functionality of the WPO365 | PROFILE+ extension to update a user’s WordPress profile with (first, last, full) name, email and UPN from Azure AD.


  • Ensure that the free WPO365 | LOGIN plugin is installed and activated.
  • Make sure that you have disabled caching for your Website in case your website is an intranet and access to WP Admin and all published pages and posts requires authentication. With caching enabled, the plugin may not work as expected.
  • You need to be (Office 365) Tenant Administrator to configure both Azure Active Directory and the plugin.
  • You may want to consider further restrict access to the otherwise publicly available wp-content directory.


To install the plugin, simply manually download the purchased item and then upload it to your WordPress site. Visit Plugins > Add New and click Upload Plugin button at the top of the page. Here you need to click on the Choose file button and select the plugin file you downloaded earlier to your computer. After you have selected the file, you need to click on the Install now button. WordPress will now upload the plugin file from your computer and install it for you. You will see a success message like this after installation is finished. Click Activate plugin to finish the installation.

License Activation

  • Copy the license key from the email that you received when you purchased the item.
  • Navigate to WP Admin > WPO365 > Licenses and paste the license key in the license field for this plugin.
  • Click Activate License and verify the notification when the activation completes.


WPO365 plugins are fitted with an update checker and hence, whenever an update in the form of a newer version is available, you should see this in your WP Admin panel and you can click Check for Updates or, in case a newer version is available Update now.


WPO365 support is free for everyone. You may open a support ticket at any time. Support for premium features, however, requires a valid license key for a plugin or pass. License keys are issued at the time of purchase.


Please consult the online documentation service https://docs.wpo365.com/ and especially the Getting started section for instructions and videos to help you with the initial installation and configuration of Azure Active Directory, WordPress and the WPO365 plugin.

End User License Agreement

Click here to read the End User License Agreement.

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