WPO365 Options explained

Once you installed and activated the WPO365-login plugin you can manage its setttings using the WPO365 Options page in WordPress Admin. Use the table below to understand what the options are and how to update the configuration to meet your needs.


Option Basic Professional Premium
wpo365-login download link No Yes Yes

Single Sign-on

Option Basic Professional Premium
Azure AD v2 Yes Yes Yes
 Directory (tenant) ID Yes Yes Yes
Application (client) ID Yes Yes Yes
Redirect URI Yes Yes Yes
Authentication scenario Yes Yes Yes
Pages Blacklist Yes Yes Yes
Skip WordPress REST API requests No Yes Yes
Private Pages No Yes Yes
Domain Whitelist Yes Yes Yes
Nonce secret Yes Yes Yes
Skip Nonce verification Yes Yes Yes
Duration of a session Yes Yes Yes


Option Basic Professional Premium
Application secret Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Graph version No No Yes
Enable token service Yes Yes Yes
Check nonce Yes Yes Yes

User Registration

Option Basic Professional Premium
Custom domain Yes Yes Yes
Default Domain Yes Yes Yes
Allow users from other tenants No Yes Yes
Create new users No Yes Yes
User cannot change email address No Yes Yes
User cannot change password No Yes
Default role main site No Yes Yes
Default role sub site No Yes Yes
Groups whitelist No No Yes
Roles mappings No No Yes
User role(s) update scenario No No Yes
Default role as fallback No No Yes

Login / Logout behaviour

Option Basic Professional Premium
Error Page Yes Yes Yes
Intercept manual logins No Yes Yes
Goto after No Yes Yes
Always goto after No Yes Yes
Logout from O365 No Yes Yes
Post sign-out URL No Yes Yes
Azure AD Group Membership Redirection No No Yes
Redirect to login No Yes Yes

User Sync

Option Basic Professional Premium
User synchronization No No Yes
Show O365 user fields No No Yes
Extra user fields No No Yes
Use O365 Avatar No No Yes
Avatar refresh No No Yes


Option Basic Professional Premium
Custom errors Yes Yes Yes


Option Basic Professional Premium
Skip SSL host verification Yes Yes Yes
Don’t fire the wp-login hook Yes Yes Yes
Log id token Yes Yes Yes
Leeway time Yes Yes Yes


  1. Inuter


    I am testing your plugin. When “User cannot change password” setting is checked, non office 365 users who are registered through fronted in my Woocommerce store also can not change password.

    Thanks in advance

      • Inuter

        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Feature-set should be differentiation between free and premium versions, not the fundamentals that the plugin is based on.

        • mvan

          Yes and we agree. The fundamentals, however, to differentiate between O365 users and WordPress-Only user, are implemented different in both plugins. And the free version’s main feature is for Personal Blog users to seamlessly signin to their website whilst the main feature of the premium plugin is to offer this experience for enterprises. I’m sure you understand and appreciate.

  2. Patrick

    is it posible to only allow two different Azure AD Tenants voor access/authentication and block everything else?
    with version do i need then?

  3. Gabriel

    Trying to export, modify and import back the modified version but can’t seem to find the way to restore a backup from clipboard. Don’t see anywhere how to do the “toggling “Let me paste/save updated settings” ??? as written under Use this tab for in the IMPORT/EXPORT module.

    • mvan

      Hi Gabriel. I’m really sorry for not noticing your comment any earlier than this. I have indeed removed this function for the moment, as it was not working as expected and therefore saving settings could break the plugin and / or destabilize the operation of the website in general. I’m working on an improved solution for Q1 2020. For the moment the copy of the settings can be used to either send them to support [at] wpo365 [dot] com requested to do so or to at least have a backup from which you can manually restore the settings. Best wishes, Marco.

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